Who is listening?

I see in the runner’s world (books, articles, websites) a lot of questions about injuries and longing for good advise to cure them. That made me wondering and the next words came to me:
Listen to your body they say, but who is listening? I mean if you
would listen for instance to your injuries, then you would discover
that they really say something!! (If that was not true one could
not speak about listening to the body). The funny thing is that
everybody talks about “listening to the body, but subsequently
nobody actually does that!?
Why? Because “nobody” seems to know about the literal existence of
the voices of the body!? Well, I would say: try this: The next time
you have an injury: ask the injury what it likes to tell you. I can
promise you: it has something really important to tell you! Much
better than all the doctors and running specialists dictate you with
all their good advise!
Today my left calf muscle felt a bit sour; it told me to run more
erect! And the pain went away!

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