Certificate for your inner child

This certificate gives you the right for your inner child:
to walk in the rain
to jump barefooted in mud pools 
to collect rainbows
to smell flowers
to stop underway
to change your mind
to build sand castles,
to build air castles
to look at the moon and stars
to say hello to everyone in the street
to sing in the bathroom
to read children’s books
to behave a bit crazy
to dance,
to walk hand in hand
to cuddle and to give kisses
to laugh and cry without any reason
to roam around
to be frightened
to feel yourself oddly
to say sorry
to find something or someone stupid
to say yes and no at the same time
to perform magic
to ask questions
to walk on a narrow wall
to just draw something
to see something differently
to have a complete different opinion than the crowd
to fall and stand up again
to talk with animals
to look at the sky and the clouds
to see faces and animals in the clouds
to stare at someone for a long time
to have faith
to wake up late
to climb trees
to do nothing
to daydream
to play with toys
to eat with your fingers
to learn new things
to make new rules
to get excited about everything
to tell crazy stories
to make good friends
to do everything what arises in you and makes you happy
to love that you are alive
to look for shells at the beach
to take over this certificate and to complete it,
and act as if you’ve invented it yourself,
It’s never too late for a happy innocent youth!
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