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My feet have a love affaire with all the different ground textures of the earth

I don´t know about you, but since I run/walk barefoot, I have been experiencing a shift from a masculine to a feminine attitude. I mean by that, that I gave up on running to win, to compete, towards an outcome, a result or a … Lees verder

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Certificate for your inner child

This certificate gives you the right for your inner child: to walk in the rain to jump barefooted in mud pools  to collect rainbows to smell flowers to stop underway to change your mind to build sand castles, to build … Lees verder

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Who is listening?

I see in the runner’s world (books, articles, websites) a lot of questions about injuries and longing for good advise to cure them. That made me wondering and the next words came to me: Listen to your body they say, but … Lees verder

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