The search for techniques is the problem itself where you are looking a solution for

I’ve noticed that a lot of runners are looking for techniques, when they have been running for a while. They want to get faster, they are looking for solutions when they get injured all the time etc.

A technique would be an answer to “how”; but that’s a pitfall (How can I reach this or that goal? How can I get faster? How can I recover from this injury?).

It’s more effective to run from the heart.

Then the right technique will find you!

That’s why there are so many different techniques and not the only one right technique!

Barefoot running made me feel again and made me listen to my body in stead of only listening to my mind. The mind may be influenced by so many theories and the mind may even picks up ideas that not fit you at all. So the mind may pick up ideas like: compete with that guy, or run a 10 K race in 35 minutes and/or show off.

That’s almost our fate.

The heart wouldn’t ever pick up ideas that don’t fit you. So when I am not fit enough and the body would gets hurt, the heart doesn’t want me to race in an inappropriate time, or it wouldn’t let me run too long. It tells me to run as long as I enjoy running. And maybe as a result of this all, my body runs faster than last year.

Now that I listen to the body, the body decides how and when to run. I don’t do that! So I won’t be in my body’s way, and I just enjoy.

Now the mind may say the next day: “Yesterday was so fine, run again that fast”. Well, and then one might get injured. But if you would have listened to the heart, maybe the body would have let you run quite differently or not at all! Running from the heart is not a means to achieve a future goal but a way to fully live the present moment going nowhere 🙂

Again: The search for techniques itself is the problem where you are looking a solution for.

More in general: the problem is not the problem, but the way how you try to solve the problem. So: Looking for techniques and methods to heal the injury ìs the problem. The solution is on a different level and unthinkable for the mind. That’s why all kind of paradigm shifts in science come from people outside that specific science.

One always needs a paradigm shift and that may be to run with the heart in stead of with mental ideas. (Like doing what other (elite) athletes do).

So can you stand to be unique? Or do you like to be like the crowd and get confirmation by the crowd?

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