My body runs, I don’t

I’ve been running now for 6 years and as a beginner I had been looking for teachers and suggestions how to run. After a while I found out that there are many experts out there and many methods, and the funny thing is that many experts contradict each other.

For a beginner that’s very frustrating.

Later I’ve found out that most of the times these experts talked about themselves: for them their method worked out fine and then they would “sell” their method to the rest of the world and if you are an extremely successful runner, the changes are big that people will follow you……….

A few years later………I’ve found out that there is only one method, which isn’t a method at all and that is: letting your body run without interventions………..

You may believe it or not, but I had the following experience literally:

One day I was running in the woods, full of technical ideas about running. Then I applied some HeartMath methods, (see: HeartMath ), and as I came in a state of coherence, a voice in myself said : “George, I know how to run, just watch and be aware how I run, enjoy!”

And so I let my body run, and I was flabbergasted, how gently and how fast the body ran for me and with great agility and elegance! By the way: this is not a metaphor, this happened literally!

From that time on, I let the body run and it knows exactly how to run, I just don’t think or plan anything anymore……I am just enjoying…………no more rules…….no more techniques…………no more mind dictating the body………….running like a cheetah…….enjoying what the body presents me today.

So first comes a deep state of coherent feeling. It’s a state of no mind.

Later you could make up a theory about how you’ve been running. Like a story, a fairy tale. Nice to tell and just for grins. But don’t take it too seriously.

I wish all my fellow runners the same state of being and running and joy.

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